ICT Game Jam 2016 presented by devICT

  • 15 Jul 2016
  • 5:00 PM
  • 17 Jul 2016
  • 6:00 PM
  • 4004 N Webb Rd, Wichita, KS 67226


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • Through June 27th

    * No refunds starting July 11th, 2016.
    * Guardian with minor attendee will require additional $65
  • Through July 15th. Yes, you can choose this one early if you like ;)

    * No refunds starting July 11th, 2016.
    * Guardian with minor attendee will require additional $50
  • * REQUIRES Guardian already be registered and paid in full.
    * No refunds starting July 11th, 2016.

Registration is closed

We're throwing a game jam this summer, and our game jam NEEDS YOU!!

Do you live in Wichita and want to make a video game? Do you live outside of Wichita, but would travel here for a game jam? Yes?? Perfect!"

Last year's event was an absolute blast, so the conditions are even better to throw a gamejam in Wichita!  There are so many freely available tools for building video games.  And our region is teeming with motivated and resourceful programmers, designers and artists.  We truly have no choice but to spend a weekend creating video games!

    This is why devICT is hosting the 2nd Annual ICTGameJam at NCAT on the weekend of July 15th 2016!  

Here's how it will go:

  1. Arrive Friday evening to team up and get started! (Max team size of 4).
  2. Saturday is an all-day crunch session.
  3. Sunday morning is for wrap-up and polish. Then set up for judges and peers to demo your game.
  4. We'll announce a winner from both the Judges' panel and the community vote.
  5. Winning teams will each receive cash prizes split between team members.

All skill levels and disciplines, including programmers, designers, sound and visual artists, and writers are all welcome and encouraged to join us. 

Meals will be provided for Breakfast on Saturday through Lunch on Sunday.

Minors must be accompanied by a guardian.  Guardian must perform registration, and mention the minor's name and age.

*Last day for refunds is July 10th*


General Rules:

  • You may use whatever tools or software you have license to use.
  • Judges Choice: for a game to qualify for the team prize, all game content must be created during the span of the event.  You don't need to build a game engine from scratch!  Unity, Unreal, Phaser etc are all fair game.  If you find a good 3rd party library or script to use, great!  Even better if you let others know about it :D ... we're all in this together!  All art and sound will need to be created during the event.  This is loosely modeled off similar competitions - see "The Compo" section for Ludum Dare.  We will not require you make your game open source... but it would be nice!
  • Community Choice: While it's still preferred that you generate as much of your game's content as possible during the event, it's not required.  You're free to use 3rd-party or existing code, art you may have prior to the event to get started.  Especially if you're taking the weekend to learn/play with gamedev, just use what you need to have fun with it!
  • The Judges Choice prize will be much larger than the Community Choice prize, due to the added challenge.  It will be possible to win both.
  • Any participants or games found not to comply with devICT's Code of Conduct will be disqualified from consideration for prizes.  If necessary, the games might not be playable during community play.  In severe cases, a participant may be requested to leave the event.


Keep up to date at ictgamejam.com or follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/ictgamejam

Questions or concerns contact us at ictgamejam@makeict.org

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